Training and Consulting


Ghatt Media Holdings is a general manager of the

Digital Publishing Academy – An online learning platform that trains the next generation of content creators. School opens in the Summer and Winter for registration.

Capitol Glam – A Resource library of ebooks, free webcourses, cheat sheets and other resources for online content creators.

Contact us if you would like to have us help train your employees, contractors or staff on social media, digital strategy, Search Engine Optimization, content management, content marketing and more. We work with all budgets.


Ghatt Solutions (formerly JJG Communications) is the consulting arm of Ghatt Media Holdings LLC.

Combining the diverse and varied experiences and personal relationships principals have with nationally recognized nonprofits, organizations and corporations and their unique background in the tech, social media and new digital industries, this company connects entities, companies and organizations with their representative target markets.

Capabilities include:
Social Media Engagement
Editorial Writing
White Paper Drafting
Research & Concept Development
Media Training
Radio & Television Appearances
Ghost Writing
Public Speaking
Blogging/Media Writing
Coalition BuildingDiversity Training

Call today: 301.660.3287  Email: jeneba (at)


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